Woeful Carnage of Rampant Shooting Weapon

How oft must so many of wanton shooting unmercifully ensue I pray you til all marvel in the unwisdom wherewithal to gainsay ownership of deadly hand-held weapon nigh to any person in here land of America? By heaven, I think there is no man is secure. In short passage of two past moonshines thirteen souls were woefully dispatched to heaven from Binghamton, NY by 9 mm and .45-caliber, three officers of worthy police dead in Pittsburgh by murderous villainy using assault rifle and two other of hand weapon. Yet more tearfully in yon Washington with five sweet children untimely slaughtered even by their own father using horrid shotgun. Oh, the cry did knock against my very heart!

How much of this must hap before all say `tis too much to be endured? E`en now ist also fallen eight souls in yonder nursing home of North Carolina by same proximity of time. Yea again ten brutally perished in Alabama a mere fortnight earlier. Is not this something more than fantasy? It harrows me with fear and wonder. Can point there be when gun rights argument oft breaking down the pales and forts of reason sooth confess that bloody violence hath too much sufferance in our parts? For what must it meet lo to forswear the thing most bearing with frank appearance in the world?

Alack, if their purgation did consist in words, it be grounded upon no other argument than have we naught sufficiency of cruel weapon in the country. Is`t no more but this? Or do you smell a fault? If in fine the greater politic were wont to allow plentitude of concealed gun to find at place of leaning, nursing manor, location of labor, merry tavern, port of air transport, yea unto any proximity aught to be divined, so sayest then the less whereon would be of shooting mayhem.

This cannot be, by no assay of reason. I wear not motley in my brain, but it there grows something stale with me that in such unlikely world of whirling fantasy so many might reason to`t. I`ll have grounds more relative than this to wit that more in number of deadly guns indeed vouchsafe more of people shot to death most horrid. The grievous turn of Washington father is such high proof of case. If thou hast eyes to see, seeming might have such abhorred villain therewith proved able sith to spill the dearest blood of his own issue without the dreadful shotgun? Might it be and mayest so by accident most strange. Marry, `tis hast indeed happened beforetimes. The observation we have made of it hath not been little. Yet methinks it well have been a plentitude less apt. And what forsooth might say the NRA in merry rejoinder - arm the children? It is not nor it cannot come to good.

If there be any good thing to be done, so now `twere fit to do `t! Though thence in politic, be it nigh a fault to heaven far to trifle of permissive gun culture in broad America. ‘Tis folly unto madness that most any having coin in purse may into Wal-Mart wander and whereout roam with menace of fearsome weapon. For what reason, I beseech you? Vile guns in the getting of ought in nature be things mightiest of complication, not fain most simple. So alack, might therefore some men of honest judgment in branch of politic full of noble device be of consent and sufferance in this, e`en to demand thence goodly control of deadly weapon in reprise to all this grievous tragedy? Have we now outstayed the time? If ne`er a whit, to what then ought? Though standeth that question out of my part, How much more of horrid slaughter must our nation bear afore we it will no more bide? In sadness, there find`st no such sight to be shown - no, not till a hot January.

Still have I borne it with a patient shrug. Lo, better looked into other governments hath raised up that which we have naught to do. Would we could do so, `tis a hint that wrings mine eyes to `t. Be it no apparent likelihood that America so follow? Marry, all are naught to cast aside so soon the writ of Constitution unto exercise of right in serious hunting sport by strict ban of handheld weapon, the like of which nor our nature nor our place can bear. I would fain prove so. The issue of it being so proper, I know not many of gentle hunting man who lo for want of other idleness need handgun for his sport. A mote it is to trouble the mind`s eye, yet what must cause to bring it to observance? If Virginia Tech brook not such disgrace in reason for strictness of law then forswear it, sight!

Nothing will come of nothing, and better it were a very good piece of work in reverent memory of cherished students alas befallen by mad villain, were governance to issue forth new lawful gun control. Nay, it is possible enough to judgment. The motion`s good indeed and be it so. Wherefore should all of other land beteem it so and alack United States be sole in discontent? Here cease more questions, more, I pray thee speak in sober judgment. Doubtful it stand when many of poll deem that majority of American opinion so favor new law. Not to be overruled, let hope anon be yet that these oft flights of horror do stir us so.