So arrivest thou haply to this yond web page nigh within the plentitude of cyberspace, yea a very garden of the words so fruitfully scribed by the ancient hand of William Shakespeare.

The master Shakespeare, a soul of such great article, played upon the stage of life not fewer than four century since the occasion of his now fond `membrance. Marry, the outpour of his labor yet liveth so much amongst the hearing and speaking in all of today.

`Tis e`en so whereabouts in great measure the show in book and paper – yea even web site ere fine jolly work that translate line and speech of Shakespeare unto the churlish language of the modern.

Mine ache to think on`t -- how backseeming and untoward!

A mark penned of the man Shakespeare removed to the English of modern favor be not a whit in the verity of extolment to the master in sooth.

In fine, what may that to the purpose?

By my troth, so much it liketh unto the folly of backward gaze through spying glass!

So have we now in the fashion of speaking the motley phrase, to wit the tongue of the street, the banter of television and cinema, no less the prattle of email and twitter, the rant of sundry blog, the thumbing of fond blackberry. These are but wild and whirling words, oft having no more brain than a stone.

The mettle of such expression giveth the thought to understanding but alas to none of flavor in poesy.

What thinkest thou on`t?

By service meet herein thou mayest banquet in sight of plentiful sampling of speech from common vernacular. Pray thee of`t avail in ample liberty to click on any for the which thou mightst choose to discover good sentence and well pronounced from the very writ of the master`s pen.

Thou mayest seek out a lowly word-play in particular from the modern way of speaking by the fill of such into the topmost search text field.

In alternate, thou mayest generate some of seemly phrase from the typing of a synonym into the second lying window.

Pray also note in final, as thou seest even more a happy button marked “samples”, clicketh thou to issue forth many scores of merry lines whereon to better countenance their meaning.
That alone is high fantastical.

It is bountifully hoped that thou mayest esteem this function as a thing of quality and respect as doth import you, perhaps e`en to the magnification of the great heap of thy knowledge.

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